El Cine Production is independent and was founded in 2010 of Gabriela Uweis. 
El Cine productions is a creative and dynamic independent film production company. Located in Copenhagen, Denmark, the city of talented people in the movie and entertainment industry.
El Cine Production has produced and developed independent film, short films and music videos under its supervision. 

We offer services and productions in a variety of formats, it is what you wish and shares with us in mind, we will try to create. 
Whatever your vision, we have the talent and services to make it a reality. El cine productions team and partners will work with and involve you in all aspects of production so that your ideas are portrayed clearly. We hope that you feel less like a client, and more like a partner.


CEO & Producer Gabriela Uweis


Welcome to El Cine Production.

My name is Gabriela Uweis born in 1985, working as a producer, line producer and coordinator since 2009. I have great ambitions for the development of my company. By starting in the film industry in 2006 as a SPFX & Make-Up Artist on film projects I got connected to some amazing people in the Danish film industry. I found out that I was more into the production process of a film. I’ve been working as a Producer, Production Manager and Coordinator since 2009. In the year 2010 I chose to start up the company El Cine Production. I got into media productions, from pre- production, to launch.

I was the Line Producer on "Helium", directed by Anders Walter, which won an Oscar 2014 for Best Live Action Short film.

I'm educated with a Business Degree in Marketing and wrote my master thesis about alternative distribution in the film industry. 
I feel blessed and think that hard work, do contribute to some sort of success.